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This is the top level of the "toolkit" aspect of the Usability BoK. Explore the major sections and detailed content using the navigation hierarchy on the left.



This section of the Usability BoK presents descriptions of methods, including procedures, resources needed, outcomes, appropriate uses, benefits, and costs. These descriptions will form the core of a knowledge base that defines our field and will help communicate usability methods to clients, project managers, and team members. Usability practitioners will also benefit from cross-referencing of related methods and pointers to outside resources for more details.


This section of the Usability BoK presents patterns, principles, and guidelines on interaction design, information design, graphical design, and interface design, which have evolved over time from foundations in HCI and other design disciplines.

Managing UX<

As our profession has matured, we have developed common strategies and approaches for dealing with organizational challenges, from marketing usability to integration with existing processes to managing a large and diverse usability department. This section of the Usability BoK presents these practical guidelines using a "Question and Answer" approach.


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