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Who are Our Users?

The Usability BoK is targeted primarily to practitioners and educators, although it can also be used by managers, decision makers, and others who interact with usability professionals or need information about usability.

  • Practitioners can use it to extend their skills, to find answers to questions, to get advice about situations that they face in their work.
  • Educators and researchers can use it to prepare course materials, to structure a curriculum for a course or degree program, and to find authoritative references.
  • Managers and decision makers can use it to understand the roles and skills of usability professionals, to identify the benefits of incorporating usability at a project and an organizational level, and to learn more about hiring employees or consultants.
  • Collaborators and colleagues such as developers, analysts, and other project team members can use it to learn about usability and how it relates to their work.
  • Policymakers, ranging from standards bodies and other professional associations to government legislators, can use it as a reference when setting standards or guidelines related to the use of technology.
  • Other interested people, which might include journalists, students, or people who are just curious when they hear it mentioned, can get quick overviews on specific topics, as well as open up avenues to explore further.
  • Other related sites (in future), via the Open Linked Data community, will be able to 'read' the Usability BoK as a map of the overall subject of usability and user-centered design, allowing the information to be linked to other information resources throughout the Web and the Semantic Web, as well as promoting the profession to other communities. This means that related disciplines who are also working on their own web resources and Bodies of Knowledge (such as STC, IxDA, etc.) can inter-link and share content, as well as potentially move toward cross-searching information from multiple related sites.


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