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Our Design Approach

The Usability BoK isn't just a Web site with some usability information on it. To be an authoritative resource it must meet two criteria:

  1. There must be a framework for answering the questions "what is the practice of usability?" and "how does it relate to me and my experience?" This view of the Usability BoK focuses on the organization and linked relationships between topics. Content value will be significantly enhanced by adding tags from a taxonomy that helps describe a 'map' of various aspects of the discipline. For more on this, see Categories as a Usability 'Map'<.
  2. There must be sufficient content to be useful and realistically represent the scope of the profession. For more on this, see Content Topic Areas<.

'We recognize that the body of knowledge should be derived from published literature, conference proceedings, and the experiences of practitioners accumulated over many years. It is not possible or desirable for this project to duplicate all of the existing resources. Rather, the outcome will be a guide that contains core material supplemented by pointers to existing resources, and continues to evolve as the practice of usability evolves.'(from the Usability BoK Mission Statement)

The following pages include:

  • Who are our users?
  • Content topic areas
  • Content organization
  • Categories as a usability 'map'
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