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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is responsible for guiding the development of the Usability BoK, actively working with volunteers on content creation and refinement, and building relationships with related organizations.

The members of the Editorial Board meet regularly to plan Usability BoK activities. They do not currently participate for fixed terms, but remain with the project as it develops and they have time to contribute.

Board Members

Managing Editor:
Contributors Coordinator:
Nigel Bevan
Jayne Schurick
Technical Advisor:
Web Content Editor:
Ontology Editor:
Duane Degler
Jennifer Turner
Assia Alexandrova
Methods Topics Co-editor:
Methods Topics Co-editor:
Methods Topics Coordinators:
Nigel Bevan
Chauncey Wilson
Lucy Chen
Allison Marks
Design Topics Editor:
Design Topics Co-editor:
Design Topics Coordinators:
Lisa Battle
Managing UX Topics Editor(s): vacant
UPA Board Advisor: Carol Smith

Past members: Dean Barker, Tom McCann, Brooks Protzmann, Mary Beth Rettger, Ben Werner.

Open Positions

The Editorial Board is seeking volunteers for positions noted as vacant, above. If you are interested, please send a note of your interest along with a brief CV to Nigel Bevan <Editor [at]>.

  1. Design Topics Co-editor (one position). This role requires someone with a wide knowledge of usability design topics to share responsibility for the final content.

  2. Managing UX Topics Editor(s) (one or two positions). This role requires knowledge and experience forming or guiding usability/UX groups within companies or consultancies, to begin coordinating content about management and professional practices.

  3. Topics Coordinators (two positions): Work with the Section Editors to coordinate contributions by authors and reviewers of content on the draft wiki. Familiarity with usability is needed, however these roles do not require in-depth knowledge in any specific area. As these roles require regular communication with topic authors and reviewers, we may appoint two people to work together in each role. The responsibilities of the Coordinators will include collating suggestions for new content and topics ready for review, creating Doodle polls listing the topics, allocating topics to people who respond, and once content is complete, passing it to the Editors for final approval.

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